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We’re So Cool We Should Change Our Name to “The Fonz”

Okay, maybe that title comes across as a bit conceited, but before you think we’ve lost our heads in a moment of  vanity, we should clarify exactly what we mean when we start talking about how cool we are.

You see, we’ve been noticing that East Tennessee seems to feel a whole lot hotter the past few years.  As in, “back when I was a kid, we rode our bikes until the street lights came on and it was nowhere near this hot!” kind of stuff.  Now, we realize that with age time, our mind tends to recall things perhaps slightly differently than they actually were.  (Welcome to codgerdom, no?)  But then we find that maybe we aren’t just imagining things when we see this article from the Knoxville News Sentinel…

Soooo, we got to studyin’ it, as we say here in East Tennessee, and realized that folks just don’t get the same enjoyment on their zoo visit when it’s over 90 degrees.  “So what can we do to make those days more pleasant for our guests?”, we asked ourselves.  Why, we could cool things off for them, of course!  (See, now we’re getting to that whole “cool” thing.)

Misters, as it turns out, were a good place to start.  So good, in fact, that we’ve added even more this year, making our pathways a veritable oasis on hot summer days.  We also happen to have the good fortune of lots of shade.  (Thanks, trees!)

And while misters are awesome, air-conditioning flat-out rocks, so we have lots of indoor areas for our guests to duck  into for a few moments of cool, air-conditioned bliss.  Probably our most popular stop to cool-off is Wee Play Zoo, an area designed for preschool through elementary-aged kids that lets them  run their very own zoo.  But we have noticed the recent addition of the Playground in a Box has turned into a favorite with adults, too…

But being able to actually play in the water, well, that just adds a whole new dimension to the keeping cool thing, n’est ce pas?  So we decided that we would build the biggest, most fabulous splash pad in the Knoxville area.  You might have heard of it-the Clayton Safari Splash?  At 5,000-square-feet, it has two life-sized giraffe, giant flowers galore, hoops and loops, fountains, water canons, and a toddler play area.  We think it is about the coolest thing ever-literally and figuratively.  (And special thanks to the Clayton Family Foundation for helping us make this a reality.)


So this summer, we say bring on the 90 degree heat!  Well, not really, but if it’s gonna be hot, we’re excited that we’ve got some of the coolest ways in Knoxville to stay comfortable.

Is it shaping up to be an awesome summer?  Exactamundo.

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