Knoxville Zoo Offer $5 Admission For Guests Who Know What the Fox Says


Inspired by the internet sensation making everyone wonder what the fox really says, Knoxville Zoo is offering $5 admission to guests who give their best take on one of the possibilities featured in the popular You Tube music video beginning Saturday, November 2nd  through Friday, November 8th.


Since the offbeat song by the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis offers a wide variety of possible things a fox may say, guests can offer their favorite interpretation at the zoo’s ticket window to receive a discounted admission of $5 to Knoxville Zoo for themselves and their accompanying party from Saturday, November 2nd through Friday, November 8th


“We’re hoping our guests have a lot of fun with this promotion,” says Alison Travis, director of Marketing at Knoxville Zoo.  “It’s a little silly, but that’s the whole point, really.  It’s a way you can start having fun before you even come through our gates, which we think is a wonderful way to start your visit.”


Those not familiar with the “What Does the Fox Say” video can find a link on Knoxville Zoo’s Facebook page and Twitter profile.  The zoo encourages sharing of the unconventional promotion with friends and family via social media. 


The $5 admission is valid only at the zoo’s ticket window from November 2nd through November 8th and cannot be combined with any other discount or coupon.    

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A Love Triangle in Gorilla Valley?

One lucky, gorilla has the opportunity to find love here at the Knoxville Zoo. He will be introduced to two very lovely ladies, but only one will win his heart. Who will he choose?

 Meet Knoxville Zoo’s most eligible bachelor, Wanto.  Wanto left his life at Kansas City Zoo, and traveled all the way here to Knoxville hoping to find love. Living the single life for many years, Wanto is now ready to find a female companion to call his own.

About our Bachelor:


Age: 35

Home Zoo: Kansas City Zoo

Status: Male Silverback

Wanto, a true romantic is searching for a female companion who will provide love, loyalty, and share her craisins (one of his favorite snacks). Our bachelor enjoys the simple things in life: sunbathing, watching movies, and peanut butter covered celery. Since arriving at Knoxville Zoo Wanto is settling quite nicely into his bachelor pad at Gorilla Valley, and he is feeling more at home everyday. Wanto is eager to meet the exquisite contestants and begin his journey to find love.

Meet the Contestants :


Age: 29

Home Zoo: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Favorite Game: Tug-O-War

Hope is a playful girl with a big personality. Very outgoing and confident, Hope is sure to leave an impression on our bachelor



Age: 35Image

Home Zoo: Zoo Atlanta

Favorite Snack: Fruit

Quite, calm and smart, Machi is a mystery that is sure to leave Wanto wanting to know more.

So far, Hope and Machi have been getting along great and becoming the best of friends; however, competing for Wanto’s heart may tear their friendship apart.

Will our gorilla bachelor, Wanto find love at Knoxville Zoo? Who will win his heart? Will it be playful Hope or mysterious Machi? So many questions to be answered! Only time will tell if there will be a match made in Gorilla Valley.

Made possible by Knoxville Zoo and the matchmakers of Gorilla Species Survival Plan (SSP).

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So What Do The Animals Do When It’s Cold?

One of the questions we get most often when cold and snowy winter weather rears its head-which also happens to be the same question we get when extremely hot weather comes to Knoxville, ironically-is “What do you do with the animals?  How do they manage in this weather?”  First of all, we find it extremely touching that everyone is concerned about our animal friends and their well-being is on your mind, and we are happy to report that our charges do very well throughout the winter here in East Tennessee. 

We’re fortunate to enjoy fairly mild winters here in East Tennessee for the most part, and the majority of our animals actually seem to enjoy time outside on sunny days when the temperature is in the 40’s.  (And we will always give them access to shelter and/or their indoor areas on days when the weather is a bit more iffy and let them make the choice where they want to be.)  However, the weather forecast is calling for a little something out of the norm for us tomorrow-freezing rain-which can mean problems getting our staff here as well as having to make the assessment if its safe for the animals to venture outdoors.  So what happens at Knoxville Zoo in that case?  Don’t worry, we’ve got a plan!

In the event we’ve got treacherous driving conditions, we have an emergency transportation system to get essential personnel here with 4×4 vehicles, and we also may make the decision to have staff spend the night on grounds.  But rest assured our priority is to make sure the animals are all properly cared for and that they have warm indoor quarters to spend the day if it’s too cold or icy for them to go outside safely.

Now, the downside?  Having to break the news that there will be no playing outdoors if it’s too icy.  Can’t take the risk someone might slip and hurt themselves out in their habitat, you know, or if it’s too cold to enjoy the outdoor habitat safely.  But the good news is that there will be activities to keep everyone busy indoors, and it looks like the weather improves on Saturday.  But our readers may find it interesting to know that quite a few of our animals get cabin fever like we do!  🙂


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What do you give a 9,500 pound elephant for her birthday?

Why, a 50-pound birthday cake, of course!  But you don’t just roll in to the bakery for one of these babies.  Nope, you gotta put a whole lot of love into making treats on this scale.  Erin and Jen, two of our super-fabulous elephant keepers are doing just that, but don’t tell Jana-it’s a surprise for her!  She just turned 32, and even though it’s not a milestone, her keepers said that’s no reason not to party.  So they have been busy constructing special birthday treats for Jana, Edie and Tonka, our African elephants.

When you’re making treats for a 15,500 pound, 9,500 pound and 8,500 pound elephants, it sure puts things in a different perspective.  Here’s the beginnings of Jana’s “cake” (note keepers in the background for scale)…


In case you are new to the elephant birthday cake scene, perhaps you’re wondering why we are showing you enormous cardboard boxes rather than actual pastries.  Well, it’s little hard to find a 50-pound petit four, and that can go straight to an elephant’s hips just like ours.  So our very clever keeper staff make the elephants’ treats out of cardboard, flour and water made into a paste, and paper-all safe for them to interact with and even eat.  (While that may sound pretty unpalatable to you and I, they actually enjoy tearing into their prizes.  Look at it this way-cardboard and paper are made out of trees, which are one of the things they love to eat.)  Once they’ve got the shells put together, they’ll fill them with 50 pounds of hay, biscuits, bread, produce and even a few sweet treats since it’s a special occasion.

Image  Fill ‘er up, please!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without balloons, but since real balloons are dangerous for animals to ingest, they’ve got that all figured out-papier mache balloons!  Here they are, hanging out to dry.  They’ll be stuffed full of goodies, too.


They’re still putting the finishing touches on things, but will have everything ready for a little impromptu celebration on Saturday, September 1st, at 2:00 p.m.  You’re all welcome to come down to the Stokely African Elephant Preserve and watch them enjoy their treats.  Although they won’t last long.  Half the fun is tearing into your gifts, as all birthday girls know.

Image  The cake is coming right along…

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Parting is such sweet sorrow…

As you can see from the photo above, the red panda cubs that were born here last summer are constantly on the move, and we’re happy to report that’s still the case.  Except this time, they are REALLY on the move, with a little help from a few chauffeurs and Delta airlines.

Yes, you guessed correctly-Dolly, Winston and Bernadette are all grown up and off to start on new adventures at their new homes.  Bernadette is getting settled in at her new home at Virginia Zoo in Roanoke, Virginia.  She’s doing very well and it shouldn’t be too long before she’ll be meeting an eligible bachelor companion.   Dolly and Winston have headed off to new digs at Zoo Boise in Boise, Idaho.  We’ve already gotten word that they’re already kind of a big thing in Boise.  🙂

Are we sorry to see them leave us?  Absolutely.  They have been not only darlings of the internet as we watched them grow up (and thanks to Mozilla for bringing them to the world via web camera), but they are also very special to zoo staff and visitors alike.  Who wouldn’t fall for them?  They’re irresistible and charming to boot.

But while it’s always a bit heartwrenching to send off your youngsters to start a whole new chapter of their lives, you know it’s what’s best for them, too.  We can also enjoy a warm fuzzy feeling knowing we’ve done our job, and done it well, if we can send off three healthy, happy red pandas to be ambassadors for their species and hopefully be parents themselves.  We’ve taken one more step to help this threatened species.  We’ve made a little more progress.  And that, dear readers, is a wonderful feeling indeed.

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