Parting is such sweet sorrow…

As you can see from the photo above, the red panda cubs that were born here last summer are constantly on the move, and we’re happy to report that’s still the case.  Except this time, they are REALLY on the move, with a little help from a few chauffeurs and Delta airlines.

Yes, you guessed correctly-Dolly, Winston and Bernadette are all grown up and off to start on new adventures at their new homes.  Bernadette is getting settled in at her new home at Virginia Zoo in Roanoke, Virginia.  She’s doing very well and it shouldn’t be too long before she’ll be meeting an eligible bachelor companion.   Dolly and Winston have headed off to new digs at Zoo Boise in Boise, Idaho.  We’ve already gotten word that they’re already kind of a big thing in Boise.  🙂

Are we sorry to see them leave us?  Absolutely.  They have been not only darlings of the internet as we watched them grow up (and thanks to Mozilla for bringing them to the world via web camera), but they are also very special to zoo staff and visitors alike.  Who wouldn’t fall for them?  They’re irresistible and charming to boot.

But while it’s always a bit heartwrenching to send off your youngsters to start a whole new chapter of their lives, you know it’s what’s best for them, too.  We can also enjoy a warm fuzzy feeling knowing we’ve done our job, and done it well, if we can send off three healthy, happy red pandas to be ambassadors for their species and hopefully be parents themselves.  We’ve taken one more step to help this threatened species.  We’ve made a little more progress.  And that, dear readers, is a wonderful feeling indeed.

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  1. Fantastic post!

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